How to Be Stylish In College

While college permits students to wear the clothes you want to wear; it’s important to not get carried away, keep in mind that you’ll be darting to and from class to class. With a hectic schedule, you’ll be on your feet for the whole day. What you need is something comfortable to wear throughout the day nonetheless that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion for function. Instead, the best thing to do is compromise the two: function-meets-fashion versus choosing one over another.

For example, if you love to wear heels so much, (with college duties in mind) you’ve gotta give up your stilettos (that you can show off in the weekend) and trade them in for a really cute pair of kitten heels. This way, you know they won’t kill your feet while strutting half way down the hall! You sure don’t want to endure sore legs for the rest of the day. Other alternatives would be wedge heels or a pair of ultra-chic flats.

College style is all about 5 C’s: It doesn’t have to be everything all at once but it must definitely be one or a combination.

  • Comfort – are you comfortable in it? Can you wear it with ease all day long?
  • Casual – is it wearable for the day?
  • Chic – is it stylish?
  • Charming – does it bring out the best in you?
  • Cool – is it unique? Does it bring out your individuality?

College is huge; if you’re entering a university chances are there are thousands of students coming from all over the world – yes, that means- different cultures, different upbringing, different tastes and let’s not forget different personalities as well! It’s very important you find your own personality and define your individual style to stand out from the rest of the crowd. If you want to get noticed, start with finding your style personality. Here are 5 general style personalities:

The Classic Girl – You are the type of girl who prefers to keep thing simple yet striking. You opt for neutral colours and classic wardrobe staples. You observe trends but apply them in the simplest and most practical ways possible. Must-have fashion items for you are a watch and a really good pair of flats. As a college student, this wardrobe is absolutely the most comfortable of all.

The Girly Girl – You are the sophisticated and lady-like type of girl. Because you are proactive in your university’s social activities most of the time people see you around the campus. You like to be the centre of attraction. You are sweet and charming. Your wardrobe consists of dresses, cardigans, floral prints, pastels and bright colors; think Cher of Clueless or Blair of Gossip Girl. You like to inject a whimsical feel to your outfit and can’t stand a dull wardrobe. This look is absolutely adorable, will definitely make heads turn!

The Tough Girl – You are a music junkie and your personality and mood are usually visible in the clothes you wear. You like dark, statement-making pieces and make fashion work for you on your own, individual way. You are confident in your own skin and style and people look up to you for that. If we were to raid your wardrobe, we’d see a collection of leather jackets, black statement tops, distressed denims, and boots.

The Bohemian Babe – You are the artistic director or Editor-In-Chief of your school paper. You love the arts and literature. Your style is trendy and care-free. You are a natural at combining pieces and making them blend to look fabulous. You are a style icon to many peers because you have the most interesting wardrobe. If we were to rummage through your closet, we’d find maxi skirts and dresses of all colours, prints and patterns, oversized bags and really cute, floaty tops. You admire the styles of Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie and Sienna Miller.

The Glamour Girl – There is no doubt about it, you are the ultimate style star in school. You always have the best look put together. You combine the best of both worlds from classic, vintage pieces to modern trends. You have expensive taste; you like gold, sparkle and big, statement fashion items. Your outfit always has something eye-popping to look at like gold, chunky links necklace and bracelet or this oversized pentagon shaped sunglasses. You epitomize the strong, confident lady just like your inspiration, Beyonce.

One thing to you need to keep in mind though: You can’t really please everyone. Whatever your fashion personality is, people might bash or idolize you for it; you just have to do your own thing and take risks. Be as bold as you can and don’t try to be someone you’re not. The greatest style icons were known for making a difference. Take Marilyn Monroe for example, she is and was one of the most admired and coveted women in history even though behind the velvet ropes she was naturally a shy and soft-spoken type of girl, she was curvy but she knew how to carry herself in a womanly way. She embraced her flaws and never changed a thing, later on she became known for it until she established her name and became an icon and a legend to many; up to this day, Marilyn Monroe is remembered for her irresistible charm and womanly ways.

There are many more style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana who have and still continue to inspire people in both their fashion and lifestyle choices. Fashion is connected to everything, the way you dress reflects your mood, your traits, characteristics; it is the extension of your personality and it’s something that you have to accept and live with. Fashion changes constantly but style remains and your individual style is what you have to figure out. Don’t just follow trends, make the trends. Being stylish in college is all about having the right personality, outlook and lifestyle. A healthy, passionate and positive person projects an equally healthy, attractive and authentic sense of style.